What is the difference between a Workhorse nappy, and a Rapid Dry nappy?

Bonnibuns Workhorse nappies, are made to a One Size fits most 4-18kg pattern. They have a built in layer of absorbency inside the base, and a long, foldover, snap in insert (suedecloth topped) that snaps inside the base of the nappy. This makes up 6 layers of absorbency. See diagram below.mcn2

Bonnibuns Rapid Dry Nappies are made to the same One Size fits most 4-18kg recipe. The outer is just a shell, with a suedecloth topped trifold, that snaps into the base of the nappy, making it “rapid to dry”. See diagram below

There are no rise snaps? How can Bonnibuns be a one size fits most nappy?

Bonnibuns nappies are designed to fit babies from approx 4kg through to 18 kg or toilet training.

We have developed our nappies to have quite a high rise on smaller babies but as your baby grows, the rise will lower until as a toddler, the nappy sits just above the hip bones.

The leg elastic has been developed to adjust with the waist snaps, and will cater for your little baby through to your toddler!

My nappies have started leaking?

There are numerous factors that can cause leaking. Please be sure you have checked the following-

Leaking around the tummy? Be sure all your inserts/trifolds are flat and inserted correctly (if in our night nappy pocket) Is your nappy done up securely? There shouldnt be any gapes or gaps around your babies waist.

Leaking around the legs? Again, check the nappy is done up firmly around the waist, this assists the elastic in the legs. Check your nappy isnt riding low on the hips causing gaps in the legs.

Cotton outers on nappies, especially cotton through the crotch of a nappy, can wick. This will cause the nappy to feel wet on the outside, and is the nature of using cotton as an outer. Bonnibuns use a polyester PUL or Minkee to help prevent this problem, however some of our customs/denims will have cotton outers.

The elastic in my nappies is gone?

Baby urine can be very acidic. Especially when your baby is teething. Over time, this toxicity can eat at the elastic, usually in the leg of your nappies and cause it to deteriorate. This is very common!

Your Bonnibuns nappies are covered by a 6 month warranty. If your elastic breaks within this 6 months, (this is highly unlikely) we will repair your nappies free of charge, and reimburse any postage costs.