My name is Lauren and I live on the Sunshine Coast with my husband, Paul, and our two children.

My cloth journey started in 2010 with the birth of my daughter Sienna.  She was in cloth full time from the day that we brought her home from hospital. Originally she was in terry towelling squares but I found that it was a struggle to find clothes that accommodated her cloth bum.  At around 6 weeks of age Bonnibuns was having a sale and I decided to purchase 6 nappies. WOW! I was super impressed with the fit, how easy they were to use and care for.  I started accumulating more and more until she was in modern cloth full time.

My son, Blake, was born at the end of 2013 and was in cloth from the moment he was born. Even though Sienna and Blake are very different shapes and sizes I have found that Bonnibuns have been a great fit on them both.  Modern cloth nappies have just become part of our daily routine – even using them when camping or away on holidays. Over 5 years later and those 6 napppies that I originally bought are still going strong.

Due to my love of the Bonnibuns nappy I was pleased to be able to purchase the business from Bonny. I know it is a great quality product which I am happy to stand behind.