Original owner and creator of Bonnibuns, Bonny, was a stay at home mum of three beautiful girls. She wanted to use the most comfortable and environmentaly friendly nappies available. She had used traditional cloth nappies with her 1st daughter and was determined to find an easier way. After watching a close friend use MCN’s,Bonny was inspired to create her own nappies before the birth of her 2nd daughter. By the time her 3rd daughter was born, Bonnibuns had been adorning babies bottoms worldwide for almost 4 years!

Bonnibuns started out, being created in Bonny’s lounge room! Due to an enormous workload it was decided to have some of the products made in a fair trade factory offshore. Bonny was careful to choose a family owned factory,that believed in and enforced fair conditions and wages for their workers.

Bonny loved creating wonderful nappies for babíes and in turn knew that not only are babies wearing a reliable, high quality nappy, but that she had also done her bit in reducing ever growing landfill.