Nappy Care

Caring for your Bonnibuns Nappies is easy.
Follow our easy care guide below.

Preparing Your Nappies

Prior to using your Bonnibuns nappies they require 3-5 washes for the bamboo to reach its maximum absorbency – the nappies do not need to be dried in between these washes.


  1. Place any solids into the toilet.
  2. Hand rinse nappy and store in a dry nappy bucket/container. DO NOT SOAK
  3. Wash nappies on a normal (cold/warm – up to 50 degrees) cycle with recommended detergent quantity for load size.
  4. Adding an extra rinse cycle will help prevent any detergent build up.
  5. Line dry nappies with the inner facing the sun for best results.  Inserts/boosters may be tumble dried on a low heat however it isn’t recommended long term as it can shorten the life of your nappies.

Strip Washing

From time to time, you may find your nappies are not as absorbent as they once were.  Detergents, powders and other products can build up over time causing liquid to repel – a strip wash will help eliminate this build up.
Place all your nappies and inserts/trifolds into a hot wash with a couple of drops of washing up liquid and wash as normal with an extra rinse cycle.  Line dry as normal.


nappy care